Cooee MartiniTattarang Vodka, Prosecco, passion fruit, vanilla, lemon19
Italian SecretDisaronno, amaro, strawberries, vanilla18
SouthsideTattarang gin, lemon, mint18
NegroniTattarang Springs Botanical Gin, Antica Formula vermouth, Campari18
Paper PlaneDewards Whisky 12y, Aperol, Amaro Nonino, lemon18
Espresso MartiniBelvedere Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso21
Classic cocktails on request
Brookies Byron DryByron Bay | Pink grapefruit, rosemary, tonic16
Giniversity Barrel AgeMargaret River | Strawberries, rosemary, tonic16
Archie RoseSydney | Lime, mint, tonic16
Tattarang Springs BlushSouth Western Australia | Bush lemon peel, pink grapefruit, tonic14
Sudpolaire Antarctic GinTasmania | Lime, pepperberry, tonic18
Little Things Australian DryPerth | Lime, thyme, tonic16
The West Winds Wild PlumMargaret River | Orange, tonic18
Seedlip Grove 42Botanicals: orange, blood orange, mandarin, lemon, ginger, lemongrass12
Seedlip Spice 94Botanicals: allspice berries, cardamom, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, oak bark12
Seedlip Garden 108Botanicals: Peas, Hay, Spearmint, rosemary, thyme & hops12
Maidenni White Vermouth from Victoria9
Oscar 697 White Vermouth from Piemonte, Italy11
Maidenni Red Vermouth from Victoria9
Antica Formula from Turin, Italy10
Aperol from Padua, Italy10
Bizarro from Riverland, South Australia10
Campari from Milan, Italy10
Limeburners Single Malt from Western Australia14
Starward Nova Single Malt Whiskey from Melbourne, Victoria16
Dewards 12 years from Scotland10
Bruichladdich Classic Laddie from Islay, Scotland14
Lagavulin 16 years from Islay, Scotland16
Oban 14 years from Highlands, Scotland18
Octomore 11.1 from Islay, Scotland28
Makers Marks from Kentucky, USA11
Bulleit Rye from Indiana, USA18
El Espolon Tequila Reposado11
Patron XO Cafe18
Del Maguey Vida de San Luis del Rio Mezcal14
The Kraken Black Spiced Rum11
Havana Club Anejo Especial11
Leblon Cachaca11
Demonio de los Andes Pisco11
Tattarang Springs from Western Australia11
Ketel One from Netherlands11
Grey Goose from France15
Belvedere from Poland14
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 4.4%11
Colonial Small Ale 3.5% 375ml | Margaret River9
Dingo Lager 4.5% 375ml | Perth10
Trumer Pils 4.9% 375ml | Salzburg, Austria11
Balter XPA 5.20 375ml | Queensland12
Eagle bay Kolsch 4.7% 330ml | Dunsborough10
Beerfarm Pale Ale 4.8% 375ml | Margaret River11
Boston Brewing & Co Tingletop Ginger beer from Denmark 3.5% 330ml | Denmark12
Boston Afterglose 4.5% 375ml | Denmark12
La Sirene Saison 6.5% 375ml | Melbourne25
La Sirene Le funk 6.6% 750ml (for 2) | Melbourne55
Wildflower Good as Gold blend #10 5% 750ml (for 2)| Sydney45
Wildflower Hive Post Brood blend # 7% 750ml (for 2)| Sydney45
Funk 4.2% 330ml | Swan Valley10
NON 1 Salted Raspberry & ChamomileVG1060
NON 2 Caramelised Pear & KombuVG1060
NON 3 Japanese Yuzu, Valencia oranges, Sri Lankan Cinnamon & Murray river saltVG1060
NON 4 Roast Beetroot & SanshoVG1060
NON 5 Lemon Marmalade & HibiscusVG1060
*Technically is not a wine, as it is not made from grapes, but due to their flavor profile we wanted to called it the wine for non-alcohol drinkers. Add ice if you like.
SPARKLING & PET NATSgls (120ml)btl
NV Vedova Borgo San PietroGlera from Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, IT1152
La Violetta Spunk ‘20 Pet-Nat RoseECO | MI | VGShiraz from Great Southern, Western Australia1472
La Violetta Happy Nat ‘20 Pet-NatECO | MI | VGRiesling, Vermentino blend from Great Southern72
Silverstream ‘13ECOChardonnay from Denmark, Western Australia65
Moorilla Muse Extra Brut ‘14Pinot noir, chardonnay from Tasmania115
Idée Fixe by Vasse Felix Brut Rose NVChardonnay, Pinot Noir from Margaret River, Western Australia1784
CHAMPAGNEgls (120ml)btl
Louis Roederer Brut Premier NVECOChardonnay and Pinot Noir from Verzenay26155
Taittinger Brut NVChardonnay.Pinot Noir. Pinot Meunier from Reims158
Larmandier-Bernier 1er Cru Blanc de blancs NVBIO | VGChardonnay from Cotes de Blancs201
Jacquesson Cuvee No. 742 NVECO | VGChardonnay and Pinot Noir from Dizy199
ROSEgls (150ml)btl
Mazza Bastardo ’20Geographe, Western Australia1250
Chouette Bonnie ’20BIO | MI | VGGrenache from the Swan Valley, Western Australia54
Gentle Folk Rainbow Juice ’20ECO | MI | VGField blend from the Adelaide Hils, South Australia75
South by South West ’20ECOShiraz. Viognier. SB. Chenin from Margaret River, Western Australia55
Maison Saint Aix ‘19Grenache. Syrah. Cinsault from Coteaux d’Aix Provence, France70
The Vine Collective ’20ECO | MI | VGSyrah from Margaret River1465
Das Juice ’20BIO | MI | VGCabernet Sauvignon from South Australia58
WHITEgls (150ml)btl
Grosset Polish Hill ‘20ECORiesling from Clare Valley, South Australia115
Corymbia Rocket’s Vineyard ‘19ECO | MIChenin blanc from Swan Valley, Western Australia1464
Larry Cherubino Uovo ’19ECO | MI | VGRiesling from Frankland River, Western Australia75
Hahndorf Hill Gru ’20ECOGruner Veltliner from Adelaide Hills, South Australia70
Vignerons Schmolzer & brown Pret-a-blanc ’19ECO | VGRiesling. P gris. Sylvaner from Kings Valley, Victoria55
Frankland Estate Alter Weg ’20ECO | VGRiesling from Frankland River, Western Australia68
Forest Hill ’09Riesling from Great Southern1252
Domaine Batard Langelier Polaris Muscadet ’18ECO | VGMelon de Bourgogne from Loire Valley, France60
Picardy ‘20 Sauvignon blanc. SemillonECOSauvignon blanc. Semillon from Pemberton, Western Australia12.555
Montevecchio ‘18Moscato from Heathcote, Victoria 750ml1360
The Other Wine & Co. ‘19Pinot Gris from Adelaide Hills, South Australia50
Palacio de Fefinanes ‘19Albarino from Rias Baixas, Spain105
Pietradolce ‘19Carricante from Etna, Sicily90
Christophe et Fils ‘19Chardonnay from Chablis, France105
Arfion Full Moon ‘19Chardonnay from Yarra Valley, Victoria79
Tolpuddle ‘19Chardonnay from Coal River, Tasmania170
Unico Zelo River Sand ’19ECO | MI | VGFiano from Riverland, South Australia1462
Swan Valley Wines ‘20ECO | MI | VGSauvignon blanc. Semillon from Swan Valley Western Australia55
Suckfizzle ‘19Sauvignon blanc. Semillon from Margaret River, Western Australia95
Koerner Pigato ’20ECO | MI | OR | VGVermentino from Clare Valley, South Australia1476
Small fry Tangerine dreams ’20BIO | MI | OR | VGField blend from Barossa, South Australia62
Tripe Iscariot ’18VGChenin blanc from Karridale, Western Australia65
Rockford Local Growers ’18Semillon from Barossa, South Australia72
Inama Vin Soave ’19ECO | VGGarganega from Soave, South Australia65
Millbrook Estate ‘19Viognier from Perth Hills, Western Australia80
Picardy ‘18Chardonnay from Pemberton, Western Australia75
Leeuwin Estate Art Series ‘17Chardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia36215
Leeuwin Estate Art Series ‘11Chardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia340
Castelli Il Liris ‘18Chardonnay from Denmark, Western Australia125
Talisman Gabrielle ‘18Chardonnay from Fergusson Valley, Western Australia1789
Voyager Estate ‘18ECOChardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia100
Voyager Estate MJW ‘18ECOChardonnay from Margaret River, Western Australia180
BIO BiodynamicECO EcologicMI Minimal InterventionOR Orange WinePET-NAT Pet-NatVG Vegan

LightFull Body

Our menu contains allergens and is prepared in a kitchen that handles nuts, shellfish, sesame and gluten. Whilst all reasonable efforts are taken to accomodate guest dietary needs, we cannot guarantee that our food will be allergen free.

No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in the vineyards, however, copper sulphites may be added.These are wines that are made from organically harvested grapes, but where the rest still takes place as conventional wine production, while others are also produced organically, and some are even certified organic.
When we use ‘our eco-label’ through this wine list, it is from the above description, and not necessarily because the winery is certified organic.

Derived from Rudolf Steiner’s manifesto from the 1920’s. It is a holistic approach to plant breeding and agriculture, where the animals, the plants, the solar system, the water, and everything that belongs to the farm go up into a higher entity. For example, they sow and harvest according to the lunar calendar and use homeopathic extracts to spray the vineyards.
Basically, the earth is considered a living organism on both a physical and spiritual level. The fields are always organic.

The winemaker manipulates the wine minimally. The yeast being used must be naturally occurring yeast from the environment, and no sulphites may be added to the wine. You can neither filter the wine. As a rule, the wine comes from organic grapes, however, it is not a must.

To remove the residual elements that make the wine look cloudy, some winemakers introduce finning agents such as milk proteins, egg whites and other animal proteins, which act like magnets to attract the unwanted extras and make the wine clearer.
Most of wines, if left long enough, will self-stabilize and self-fine. Other options can be using clay-based fining agents and activated charcoal.

It is a white wine that is made as a red wine. Everything that is in the green grape of skin, juice and seeds is fermented together and since it is in the skin the dye sits, it gives the wine a darker color than usual. The wines get an orange tinge and has more fullness and tannins. The taste is dry, and towards orange peel, quinces, and dried apricots.

Sparkling wine where the wine finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, trapping carbon dioxide and a sediment of yeast lees. It is a more rustic version of sparkling wine usually more spritzy than bubbly.
These wines are typically un fined and unfiltered and sealed with a crown cap. Opening a bottle of pet-nat can be surprising and unpredictable but also lots of fun.